Sunday, March 2, 2008

Going Back to Dubailand

Yes, yes, I know its a development's name, but I've been using that term for the City that Runs on Hype since before that project was a twinkle in Sheikh Mohammad's eye,* and I'll use it is I choose. Anyway, Moscow has and continues to be wonderful, and I'll be very sad to leave (I'm sad just thinking about it), but I'm still happy to be getting back to DXB at the end of the month.

In the mean time, here are four of my favorite images from DXB. They aren't the best in terms of artistic quality, but they are my favorites in terms of what they show...

* As do many other projects in Dubai, the ruling family is the ultimate owner, or at least part owner. Dubailand is a project of Tatweer, itself a company owned by Dubai Holding, an investment company which belongs to Sheikh Mohammed.

A view of the beach, Gulf and one of the Palms

The Dubai Fort and an old-style hotel

The Dubai Dreams camel at the Emirates Towers

Real camels returning home at sunset. Reminds me of Saudi...

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